Link Roundup: Looking inside the brain, great reads, seeing sound, and more!

Brain Embroidery by Hey Paul Studios

Brain Embroidery by Hey Paul Studios

This week, I’d like to bring your attention to two great resources:

  • TED Talks: In short, TED Talks is a non-profit that hosts amazing conferences that bring together some of the best thinkers and doers across fields. Their short (~5-25 min) talks are informative, creative, motivating, inspiring, thought-provoking — and free. They span a very wide variety of topics and often cross the boundaries of the arts and sciences. Learn more about TED Talks or browse by subject!
  • The Electric Typewriter’s 150 Essential Science and Tech Reads: Looking to learn more about a subject relating to science and/or technology? Check out this great reading list for books on everything from health, food, psychology, and the brain to the environment, space, time, life hacking, or language.

Not sure where to start? We’ve updated two of our pages with a few choice TED Talks videos to help you get started!

  • NEW CATEGORY! Visualization in Science (under the Arts and Sciences dropdown menu) – take a look inside the brain, learn how to see sound, or check out a new way to experience scientific data through our senses.
  • Learning and Education (also under Arts and Sciences) – math class makeover and how to teach the arts and sciences together.

Finally, don’t miss last week’s roundup, where we took a look at the consciousness of animals and some science-inspired poetry!


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